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Family relocates to Texas to support daughter’s athletic aspirations

For the Rasmussens, Softball is a Family affair.

24-Casson RasmussenLiterally.

When Casson Rasmussen, a freshman pitcher for the Weatherford College Coyotes, made it her choice to play for coach Haley Williams, the whole family packed up and moved east, relocating from Santa Cruz, California, to Weatherford.

“I was surprised that my family decided to move to Texas with me, but I was also very grateful because I get to be close with my family and get to see my siblings grow up,” Casson said. “This was something that was discussed when I was looking at colleges. I was looking at colleges close to home back in California.”

Casson considered signing with a NCAA Division II school in California, but then became interested in another college in Texas, whose interim head coach was also the coach of the Australian national team, said Matt Rasmussen, Casson’s father. However, when the school did not retain the coach past her interim status, Casson decided to look elsewhere.

“Weatherford had just won a conference championship, their reputation is great,” Matt said. “Also, we were looking for a change. Casson has a 6-year-old brother she didn’t want to leave. I’d been to Texas quite a bit and told the family how great it is here. Now, we all love it here.”

Casson’s mother, Lisa, said, “He asked me years ago to consider moving to Texas and I said no. I had two grandmothers who were still with me, but now they’ve moved on. Now it was easier for us to come out here and do our own little thing, and it’s been great.”

It helped that both Matt and Lisa work from home, so they simply relocated their offices in an eastward direction.

“I think it’s great her family was able to follow her here,” Williams said. “She has a great support system with them, and it’s nice that they aren’t too far away.”

Casson has been a solid addition to the team as one of two starting pitchers. Led by her and sophomore Katy Simon, the Coyotes once again contended for a conference championship and advanced to the postseason.

Casson comes from an athletic family. Her dad played football at Tabor College, and her mom played softball in high school and on a select team along with coaching. Her 16-year old sister played softball in California, her 10-year old sister plays select ball, and her 6-year-old brother plays T-ball.

Casson also played basketball and volleyball in high school. She said she wants to continue playing softball at a higher level after Weatherford College, but for now the focus is on competing for the Coyotes.

She is studying business because she wants to join her dad’s business after graduating from college. In the meantime, she likes knowing they are watching each time she takes the mound for the Coyotes.

“Moving to Texas was the best decision for me and my family,” Casson said. “We love it here.”

by Rick Mauch