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Talton, Jovanovic look to lead with new Coyote team

Talton, Jovanovic look to lead with new Coyote team

Weatherford College Coyotes Erik Talton and Marko Jovanovic have mastered relocating as much as they have perfected their skills on the basketball court.

"For me, it started when I was around 15, when I came to the U.S.," Jovanovic said. "I'm used to it."

Both are sophomores, having transferred from their respective high schools to a community college, and now to Weatherford College. Jovanovic, a graduate of North Central Texas Academy at Happy Hill Farm, near Granbury, came to WC from ASA College in Miami. Talton, a graduate of Duncanville High School, came to WC from Mountain View College in Dallas.

"I felt like I could come here and play against better competition," Talton said.

As for relocating again, Talton said, "I usually treat everything like I'm at home. I have a set of rules I stick to. It's fun here. I've seen a lot of the town, and I really like my teammates."

Jovanovic made the return to be closer to family, plus he was also sold on the Coyotes' possibilities this coming season.

"When I was talking to Coach [Mark] Osina, he told me of his plans for this year and I was impressed," Jovanovic said. "Plus, I have some family in Granbury that I wanted to get back closer to."

Both are solid students and look good in practice, Osina said, praising their ability to adjust and maintain success in the classroom and on the court.

"You've got 24 hours in a day. We work out—two-three hours, usually, including weights—you go to class three to four hours a day, it does take a sense of responsibility," Osina said. "There's no parent there to push them, so they have to manage time.

"These two guys are good examples of what we look for in student-athletes, and what it takes to be a good student-athlete. And with us having no returners [on the team], they're going to be leaders right away."

A typical day for both is rising out of bed around 6 a.m. Then it's off to the gym for a workout, go to class, hit the weight room, back to the gym for practice, study hall, back to the gym, and wrap everything up around 9 p.m. Oh, and they squeeze meals in. And that's not including game nights once the season starts.

And all the while they are learning their way around a new campus and adjusting to life with new friends and new teachers.

"It's critical we stay ahead in our homework. You don't want to be one of those kids at the end of the semester asking for extra credit," Talton said.

During what downtime they do have, a top priority is sleep. Talton loves to play videogames, and Jovanovic watches Mindset and focuses on motivational opportunities.

And keeping a tight schedule is a must.

"I try to get everywhere 15 to 20 minutes early," Talton said. "If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time you're late."

And while they both love being at WC, after this school year will come yet another relocation. Talton wants to stay close to Duncanville and Jovanovic is talking to several schools.

In the meantime, they want to help the Coyotes enjoy a successful season in the one season they are with the team.

"I feel like we've got good team chemistry, and I think we can do something special," Jovanovic said, adding with a laugh. "It'd be really nice to do that before going somewhere else—again."